Carsten Wikkels

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Carsten Wikkelsø

The focuses of the research have been on diagnostic, pathophysiological and therapeutic aspects on hydrocephalus and degenerative CNS disorders. The methods of interest have been MR imaging, CSF dynamic, chemistry, and CBF besides basic clinical methods.

Through the years, several papers on biochemical changes of importance for diagnosing different neuro-degenerative disorders like Alzheimer’s disorder and NPH were published. Several studies have described the characteristic phenotype of NPH, illuminating pathophysiological, diagnostic and predictive aspects including data on prevalence and the natural cause, and presentation of a new iNPH scale for scoring severity and outcome after shunting. Recent studies have addressed the evaluation of different CSF dynamic and biochemical methods for prediction of outcome after shunt therapy of NPH and identification of the best treatment of NPH patients.