Abstract Submission

Abstract Submission

The Scientific Committee welcomes the submission of original contributions on the Progress and Controversies in Hydrocephalus.

Abstracts must be submitted the latest latest until 12 May 2022 (EXTENDED!) .
All accepted papers will be presented in one of the following formats:

  • Oral presentation: Fully presented in oral format – Duration of presentation is 7 minutes with 3 minutes for Q&A
  • Poster presentation: Posters will be available in the exhibition area for viewing throughout the entire Meeting. An option for oral-flash presentation of the poster (3 minutes duration) will be given to the presenters.

Authors should indicate the thematic topic and their presentation format preference, but the final decision on the presentation type will be determined by the Scientific Committee.

If you want to submit an abstract (only one submission per author is in order) for the Young Investigators Award, it is necessary to be an Oral Presentation and you have to confirm that:

  • You are currently in a training position:
    • Medical student or science undergraduate
    • Studying for a doctorate degree and not in a substantive clinical post
    • Scientific post-doctorate post without staff status
    • Currently in a clinical Residency program or Fellowship position

The presentation of the accepted abstracts is compulsory and the abstracts will be published in the Meeting’s book of abstracts. There is also the option to publish your abstract to the online journal Fluids and Barriers of the CNS. During the abstract submission process, you will asked to either choose to publish your abstract to the journal or opt out from the process.

Important Notes

Authors are exclusively responsible for the submission of their abstract according to the abstract submission guidelines and for submitting their presentation in due time according to the submission deadline, which is the 12th of May 2022.

If guidelines are not followed, abstracts will be returned to sender/writer to correct them, if the abstract deadline hasn’t expired. In case the submitted abstract does not respect the rules and there is no time for correction due to the abstract’s deadline, it will be disqualified automatically.

Abstract presenters are required to be physically present in Gothenburg, to deliver their presentation. Exceptions can be made upon request by the presenter to the Meeting Secretariat at welcome@hydrocephalus-meeting.com 

Abstracts will not be accepted in any of the following cases:

  • At least one of the authors is not registered and paid the registration fee to the Meeting
  • Deadline for submission of the abstract (12 May 2022) is not respected
  • Missing data (authors, institutions, wrong subtitles, etc) or forms
  • An abstract exceeding 250 words

Evaluation of Abstracts

Abstracts will be peer-reviewed and scored on scientific merit, originality and relevancy to the field of hydrocephalus.

Abstracts will be reviewed by the Scientific Committee only if accompanied by the remittance of the registration fees of at least the principal/presenting author. If your abstract is not accepted, the registration fees will be reimbursed, if a written request is received within 30 days, following your notification on the outcome of your abstract’s review. After that date the general cancellation policy will apply.

The Scientific Committee reserves the right to change the thematic topic during the abstract evaluation process or even change the presentation type from Oral to E-poster according to the requirements of the scientific programme.